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CDT Management and Administration

Director: Professor Michael Singer (UCL)

Co-directors: Dr Konstanze Rietsch (King's), Professor Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial)

Centre Manager - Nicola Townsend (n.townsend AT ucl.ac.uk)

Management team: Dr Tom Coates (Imperial), Dr Jonny Evans (UCL), Professor Mark Haskins (Imperial), Dr Mahesh Kakde (King's), Professor Richard Thomas (Imperial), Dr Sarah Zerbes (UCL).


To determine email addresses, use the email column @ucl.ac.uk, @imperial.ac.uk or @kcl.ac.uk depending on the institution.


NameEmail@Research interests
Prof J. Berndtjurgen.berndtKing'sSpecial structures, exceptional geometries, symmetric and homogeneous spaces
Dr D. Buckd.buckImperialTopology and biomathematics
Dr P. Cascinip.casciniImperialAlgebraic geometry (birational geometry, minimal model program)
Dr T. Coatest.coatesImperialAlgebraic geometry (Gromov-Witten theory, mirror symmetry)
Prof A. Cortia.cortiImperialAlgebraic geometry (high-dimensional birational geometry)
Prof Sir S. Donaldson FRSs.donaldsonImperialDifferential and algebraic geometry; global analysis
Dr J. Evansj.d.evansUCLSymplectic topology
Prof R. Halburdr.halburdUCLIntegrable systems, singularities of differential equations
Prof M. Haskinsm.haskinsImperialDifferential geometry and geometric analysis
Dr G. Holzegelg.holzegelImperialDifferential geometry and geometric analysis; general relativity
Prof F. Johnsonf.johnsonUCLAlgebra, topology
Prof Y. Kurylevy.kurylevUCLInverse problems, analysis, differential geometry
Dr Y. Lekiliyanki.lekiliKing'sSymplectic topology, mirror symmetry
Dr J. Lotayj.lotayUCLDifferential geometry and geometric analysis
Dr L. Louderl.louderUCLGeometric group theory
Prof A. Nevesa.nevesImperialGeometric analysis
Dr D. Panovdmitri.panovKing'sSymplectic, complex and hyperbolic geometry
Dr K. Rietschkonstanze.rietschKing'sLie theory and mirror symmetry
Prof S. Salamonsimon.salamonKing'sDifferential geometry
Dr F. Schulzef.schulzeUCLGeometric analysis
Prof S. Scottsimon.scottKing'sTopology, analysis
Prof N. Shepherd-BarronKing'sAlgebraic geometry
Prof M. Singermichael.singerUCLDifferential geometry
Prof R. Thomasrichard.thomasImperialAlgebraic geometry (mirror symmetry, moduli problems)
Dr G. Tinagliagiuseppe.tinagliaKing'sDifferential geometry
Dr C. Wendlc.wendlUCLSymplectic and contact topology
Dr H. Wiltonh.wiltonUCLGeometric group theory

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Number theory

NameEmail@Research interests
Prof D. Burnsdavid.burnsKing'sIwasawa theory, Tamagawa number conjectures, Stark's conjecture and refinements
Prof C. Bushnellcolin.bushnellKing'sRepresentation theory of reductive p-adic groups, the Langlands correspondence and applications to arithmetic
Prof K. Buzzardk.buzzardImperialp-adic Galois represenations
Prof F. Diamondfred.diamondKing'sModular forms, Galois representations, mod p Langlands, generalizations of Serre's conjecture
Prof T. Geetoby.geeImperialGalois representations and automorphic forms
Dr D. Helmd.helmImperialNumber theory and representation theory of p-adic groups
Dr R. Hillr.hillUCLCohomology of arithmetic groups
Dr M. Kakdemahesh.kakdeKing'sIwasawa theory, algebraic K-theory, arithmetic geometry
Dr P. Kassaeipayman.l_kassaeiKing'sArithmetic geometry, (p-adic) automorphic forms, Shimura varieties
Dr A. Pála.palImperialArithmetic algebraic geometry
Dr Y. Petridisi.petridisUCLAnalytic number theory, automorphic forms and spectral theory
Prof A. Skorobogatova.skorobogatovImperialArithmetic geometry, rational points
Dr I. Wigmanigor.wigmanKing'sAnalytic number theory, probability and stochastic processes, quantum chaos, spectral geometry
Dr A. Yafaeva.yafaevUCLArithmetic algebraic geometry
Dr S. Zerbess.zerbesUCLp-adic Hodge theory and Iwasawa theory

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