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Admissions for our September 2018 intake have now been extended to midnight on Thursday 14th December 2017 and you can apply through our application portal at the bottom of this page. Please read through our application guidelines before you start your application and ensure you contact your referees before you apply and inform them that they will be asked to submit a reference to us by the 31st December 2017. An email request will be sent automatically to your listed referees as soon as you submit your application. Please note you will see a message on your computer screen acknowledging that your application has been submitted as soon as you click on the submit application button, however, you will not receive email notification telling you that it has been submitted.

We are again recruiting students from the EU and overseas, as well as UK students, so please note that the UK government has confirmed that EU students will continue to be eligible for UK grants even if their course concludes after the UK’s exit from the EU:

If you have any queries about the application process or would like to discuss applying for future places at the LSGNT, please get in touch with us via the contact page.

Application Guidelines

Please note the following before you start your application:

To apply you must do the following:

  1. Fill out the online application form through the LSGNT application portal that is listed at the bottom of this page whenever the applications portal is open. Please fill in the application form fully.
  2. Upload your official transcripts to date.
  3. Upload one PDF LSGNT Applicant Profile document containing information as outlined on the application form.

LSGNT Applicant Profile

This profile document should be supplied in PDF format only and should contain the following:

  1. Your name listed at the top of your document
  2. Next, the names of the two referees who will provide a reference for you. (You will also provide this information in the references section of your application form)
  3. Your CV
  4. A list of topics you have studied in the last two years
  5. A brief description of any project work undertaken
  6. A personal statement of no more than two sides of A4, providing information about your mathematical development and interests. E.g. outline what you like about a particular topic or theorem and why it has caught your imagination

Official Transcripts

Please upload transcripts of your undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. We do not necessarily expect you to have completed your master's degree or 4 year degree equivalent before you apply for this course, however we will require you to upload the grades you've acquired on your course so far for your master's degree or equivalent degree.


As part of the application form you will be asked to submit two academic references to support your application. Your referees will be sent an automatic email request for a reference as soon as you submit your application, so please check carefully the email address you are supplying for your referees. We advise that you also contact your referees before you apply to ensure they are available to supply a reference for you.

Please do not upload any additional documents outside of those listed above or directly requested by the LSGNT Centre Manager. They will not be considered with your application.

Women in Geometry and Number Theory

One of the LSGNT's particular aims is to recruit a critical mass of women students and to help counteract the under-representation of women in UK mathematics. We therefore strongly encourage interested undergraduate women mathematicians to apply to the LSGNT and hope to receive a great number of applications from women.

The LSGNT is pleased to note opportunities provided by the collaboration of Newnham College Cambridge and the Masters in Advanced Study Course (Part III) in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Statistics (DPMMS) at the University of Cambridge. This has, in the past, included the possibility of a deferred LSGNT studentship for one or two women undergraduates considering applying to Newnham College and Cambridge University for the one year Masters in Mathematics (Part III) course, and a PhD in Geometry and Number Theory. We plan to continue this scheme; however, this year we will only be able to give offers of deferred places at the LSGNT (starting 2019), conditional on a renewal of funding in 2018/19. Students interested in this scheme are nevertheless advised to apply to the LSGNT and to Newnham College simultaneously, and to let us know that they are interested in the deferred scheme.

For more information on this deferred studentship, please take a look at the details outlined on our Women in Geometry and Number Theory page.

Qualifications and Eligibility

Applicants will normally have a very good four-year degree or an undergraduate and a master's degree in mathematics or in a related discipline.

Applications from individuals with non-standard backgrounds (e.g. a period away from academia) are welcomed, but you will have to demonstrate your enthusiasm and potential aptitude for the training we offer.

To be admitted to the LSGNT in September 2018, you must:


We will be offering 14 -15 fully funded 4-year studentships for September 2018.

This funding includes for the 4 years of the PhD Research Degree:

Apply to the LSGNT

Applications are now open
You have until Thursday 14th December 2017 to complete your application to the LSGNT.

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