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London School of Geometry & Number Theory

Industrial Partners

Highly trained pure mathematicians are needed to sustain the discipline (staying in academia) but also make important contributions to the wider economy. Our School has formal support from industrial partners: the aim of this is to broaden our students' outlook and also to persuade employers of the contributions our graduates could make in their sector.

Our current partners are (in alphabetical order):

Heilbronn Institute Studentships

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research and UCL are offering a fully funded studentship this year on terms similar to those funded by EPSRC. This studentship includes an external component consisting of 6 months work at the Heilbronn Institute in London, to be taken by mutual agreement. Some of the work of the Heilbronn Institute is confidential and the student will need to obtain a security clearance, for which UK citizenship is required.

If you represent a company or other outside body with an interest in working with the School, please send an email to